• We are an emerging leader in providing innovative
    products and technology for Wastewater treatment,
    Green energy and Healthcare, to help Sustainable
    living on the planet
  • Aquatron Boomtube FPSTAR Technology

    Wastewater Treatment Technology that will change the WORLD
  • Landfill Leachate Treatment

  • Industrial Effluent Treatment

  • Waste To Energy Solutions

  • MBR Sewage Treatment

  • Drinking Water From AIR!

  • solar power from cigs modules

    Next Generation Solar Technology

REWS INDIA brings innovation to the market and technologies that can change the world, with focus on Water , Wastewater treatment, Renewable Energy, Waste Management and Healthcare.



  • Professionals

    REWS (INDIA) Private Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, has the expertise and technology in Renewable Energy and Water Solutions (REWS). We specialize in tackling the toughest industrial wastewater problems. As experts in waste water treatment systems with the right tools and technology, we take pride in providing the world’s best innovative, sustainable and environment friendly water treatment, renewable energy and waste management solutions.

mission and vision

Our Mission

To transform an idea into something that is unique in its own right that appeals and helps industries and people to lead a better life.

Our Vision

To create platforms and bring Innovation and Technologies that fills a need that is not currently being fulfilled to it's best ability.
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    latest news

    Wind Energy

    Scientist patents target chemo delivery system

    BENGALURU: An Indian scientist has claimed a breakthrough in reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy by creating a drug delivery system that will target only cancer cells and leave healthy cells unharmed.

    Wind Energy

    2019 elections & cleaning Ganga

    Cleaning the Ganga river is one of the important flagship projects of the Modi sarkar. Its success will play a decisive role in the context of 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

    Wind Energy

    OMPC employs break-through technology.

    Oman Munitions Production Company (OMPC) has taken the lead in installing an advanced wastewater recovery plant at its Small Arms & Ammunitions Factory (SAAF) in Samayil – the first such plant ever installed in the Middle East